Accurate Drying Predictability

DryAir has developed a convenient and accurate calculator to determine drying times and cost.  In the simulation below, the DryAir system can efficiently dry 4 points of moisture from 25,000 bushels of grain in under 5 days with a low, low cost of 7 cents per bushel, whereas an elevator will charge approx. 12 to 15 cents per point of moisture removal! 

From this example it becomes obvious that the safe and efficient hydronic DryAir system operates with the lowest fuel cost of any drying system on the market, saving your farm money each and every time you use it.

(Note: This simulation uses a DryAir 1.2 million Btu natural gas Central Heating Unit, results will vary with larger or smaller heating units, temperature and relative humidity in this simulation are September averages for Saskatoon, SK)

For a copy of the DryAir calculator contact Ken Trach at 1-888-750-1700