Hopper Cones


With innovative V-Legs™, reinforced skids and a double-banded body: our large-diameter hopper cones accommodate bigger bins than anyone else. Our cones are completely trusted to provide a lifetime of worry-free grain storage: farm or commercial.

Assié hopper cone key features:

  • Guaranteed to be the industry’s strongest built cones, V-Leg™ or Straight Leg
  • Sizes from 12’ to 27’ diameters – up to 21,100-bushel capacity
  • Availability for all bin diameters and bolt patterns
  • Customizable to your specifications
  • Available with the exclusive ‘Louvered Air’ aeration system

Hopper Cones to Fit Your Exact Needs


The Strength of V!

Available on 14ft – 27ft Cones

  • V-Legs are 3 to 6 times stronger than a straight leg design. This is a must for cones supporting large capacity bins
  • V-Leg design allows more space between legs for unloading
  • V-Leg cones have only 2/3 as many legs making them “The Hopper Cone” for pilings
  • Optional leg extensions to accommodate a drag system
  • Modified transport leg design allows two 27ft diameters cones to be transported on one semi trailer, cutting freight bills in half
  • Heavy double bands are used on all cone sizes


The Definition of Value

Available on 12ft – 27ft Cones

  • Heavy double bands are used on all cone sizes
  • Leg gusset plates provide superior support and stability
  • Heavier skids than the competition that operate with less ground pressure
  • A superior product at a competitive price, the definition of value


Assié produces the heaviest skids on the market, to provide the necessary footing needed to support loads that can be upwards of 1 million pounds. Incorporating 4”x4” through to 10”x4” skid members in double, triple, quad and even quint skid configurations. In comparison to Assié skids, competitive skids can place up to 30% more pressure on the ground. Lifting and resetting sinking and leaning hopper bins is a very undesirable task. With Assié skids you can be rest assured you will have the right weight distribution for your hopper bins. As a result, many plants and installations choose Commercial Grade Assié cones for strength and ease of installing drags and other grain handling equipment.


  • Manhole
  • Steep 37° slopes, on all sizes
  • Slide gate opener
  • The ability to ‘bolt the bin up’ from the outside
  • Chute Clearance 27”
  • 13.5” chute
  • Color: Hopper grey


  • Paint colors: green, light grey, UGG blue, black, red or to your requirements
  • Primed inside
  • Welded inside seams
  • Poke hole
  • Bin stiffener supports
  • Exclusive Assié Louvered Air, 24” standard (18” and 28” available)
  • Inverted V-trough air, 24” standard (18” and 28” available)
  • Chute clearance 36”, 42” and 48”
  • Modified transport legs (allows two 27’ dimeter cones per load)
  • 12”x12” or 12”x24” leg pads for cone installation on a concrete pad