V-LEG™ HOPPER CONES the Strength of V!

Our industry-leading expertise in large-diameter cones allows us to build cones for bigger bins than anyone else – up to 10 tiers on a 27’ hopper.

The Assié V-LEG™ cone delivers more strength in the legs, band, and skid with more room to work. The Assié V-LEG™ is the premier hopper cone!

Our V-Legs provide a reliable, sturdy weight-distributing truss. As the
V-Legs taper towards the bottom of the cone, there is far more room under your bin – where you work.


A competitor’s straight leg (left) versus Assié’s dramatically Stronger V-Leg™ (right)

With the V-Leg™, we can add leg extensions to give you up to 48” clearance under your cone for your drag system.

*Based on a 27′ Hopper Cone

Assié double bands are bigger and stronger than the competition. They have cross-gusseting which allows for far greater strength. As well, the large bands facilitate the bolting up of the bin from the outside, for a one-man operation job during the bin building process.


With V-LEG™ technology two 27’ cones can be hauled on one truck, cutting your freight in half!