Custom Distribution System

The distribution system is designed specifically for your bin yard. It uses a combination of manifolds, quick couplers, valves and hose to direct the heated fluid from the Central Heating Unit to the portable heat coils. Distribution can consist of hoses or hard lines. Lines are insulated and can be located either above or below ground level at distances of up to 400’ from the CHU.

Hose Distribution

The Central Heating Unit circulates heated fluid for up to 6 heat coils. Hoses with quick couplers are used to provide a fast connection between the CHU manifold and the heat coils. The quick couplers also ensure the hoses remain charged when they are uncoupled.


Above Ground Distribution

Above ground distribution systems are built with steel lines that are housed in an insulated metal housing. Up-shoots with quick couplers are located between bins allowing the portable heat coils to access all bins with ease.


In-ground Distribution

An in-ground distribution system, built with insulated steel lines, inconspicuously circulates heated fluid to the heating coils. 

Note: In this example the two heating hoses tee-off at the CHU to supply household/shop heating requirements.